Online Video Content Concern

Video Makers Responsibility

Now that you have read the video site's TOS (Terms of Service), you are free to produce videos that are within its boundaries. Being free does not mean being irresponsible. Video makers have the responsibility to not produce content that may intentionally or unintentionally insult a video viewer. If you want to know more about  how to sell videos online, you can go through the web.


You are perhaps ranting about how you read the lengthy TOS & developed your idea to fit in it, & now you must be concerned about the viewer too? Well, people are going to watch your video. Without considering people, who else are going to view your videos?

So be patient, your video is going to be great! Political & religious rants, jokes about popular issues are considered the Avant-garde of filmmaking as it can evoke instant emotions. So be careful of how you make it.

Many Offensive Videos Posted

Do you want to know why you should be concerned about what other people think? Well, you are definitely not alone. On video sites, there are many videos that can be considered extremely offensive. They are people who don't care about other people's opinions. Their videos could be offending, insulting, & hurtful but they care no less for who they hurt.

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