Venue Restrictions You Should Check When Booking A Venue

What are Some of the Restrictions and Accessibility 

Options to Check Before Booking a Wedding Reception Venue?

Availability of several venues catering to Windsor weddings often makes it difficult to select a venue which will best suit your specific needs. By having proper knowledge of all the intricate details as well as likely problems you will face, it will become easier for you to make the right decision and select the best venue for the wedding. Thus, our aim here will be to go through some of the things you need to be aware of while booking a wedding venue so as to take better informed decision.

Things to Check While Booking a Wedding Venue

Restrictions – Accessibility

Are there any restrictions you need to abide by? – Alcohol / Decoration / Sound

Windsor weddingsIf there are restrictions then you will have less flexibility in implementing your plans. Thus, having knowledge of the restrictions a venue imposes will help you decide whether you will be able to work under such restrictions or it will be better to look for some other venue. As such, while visiting a wedding reception venue it will be necessary for you to inquire about some of the restrictions venues tend to impose, these include:

  • Alcohol Restriction: Does the venue restrict consumption of red wine or dark liquor at the venue? If you are planning to serve red wine or dark liquor to guests then it will be important to inquire whether the venue imposes such type of restriction.
  • Venue Decoration: Will you be allowed to decorate the venue as you want? In case there are restriction on how the venue can be decorated then you need to look for some other venue which does not have such restriction. As for example, there may be restrictions on use of open flames, candles or sparklers.
  • Sound Restrictions: It is possible that the venue restrains you from playing loud music or playing music at certain hours during the day. If such restrictions will affect your wedding reception then you will have no option but to look for other venues offering their services for Windsor weddings without such restrictions.

Is the venue easily accessible?

Accessibility is another factor you need to look into while selecting a wedding reception venue. Some of the things you must check will consist of:

  • Are there enough restrooms at the venue and are they situated in proper locations?
  • Are the restrooms easily accessible without the need for guests to climb up stairs or use the elevator? Do these restrooms offer wheelchair access?
  • Does the venue have multiple entrances? Will it be possible to close other entrances while keeping one entrance open?
  • Is there a loading dock present at the venue? Is the elevator spacious enough? Will it require more time for load-in because of the fact that the elevator is not big enough?

A Final Note

As we can see there are many crucial restraining factors which can effect how well you can use the venue. By having knowledge of such limitations you will be able to inquire about the same while visiting any venue and take a decision accordingly.

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