Various Types Of Air Compressors

In today's modern day world, the value of an air compressor is increasing exponentially as time moves on. They are utilized within various industries such as manufacturing and chemical industries. The main task of a compressor is to convert the power coming from a diesel or gasoline engine to kinetic energy, which is accomplished through compressing and air pressurizing. This form of energy can be easily discharged in rapid spurts. As there are varieties of compressors available in the market you might get confused in selecting the perfect one for your needs. One of the most popular types of compressors available would be the Mattei compressors. These come with high-end technology for lowering operating costs. 

Mattei compressors offer efficient performance and have low maintenance cost. They include electronic controllers, cabinet enclosures, TEFC motors and an integrated refrigerated air dryer for delivering outstanding performance. Apart from this make, you will also find several other types to meet your needs:

Reciprocating compressor: This is mostly utilized for general use, whereas the air in it is utilized in the form of a hand tool for cleaning dust and small paint works. This compressor is regarded as one of the best air compressors in the market. It utilizes a piston which transfers the air inside the tube for compressing. They are value for money as they are quite affordable and can be maintained easily. It is perfect for great pressure jobs. The only discomfort associated with this is the noise it produces. 

Rotary Screw Compressor: This kind comes with two copulated screws that reduce volume when turned on. Generally, you will find two types of rotary screw compressor, which are namely; an oil-injected compressor and an oil free compressor. It produces less heat making the retrieval of custom energy possible. This air compressor supplies a huge amount of compressed air but can be slightly costly. It also needs upright cleaning. 

Scroll compressor: This type is regarded to be one of the "elegant compressors" to be found. It allows compressed air through immovable and movable spiral features. As it does not produce much noise, people prefer this type. There is also no need to clean it regularly. It may be more expensive but is worth it in the long run for smaller jobs due to its low capacity. Compressed air produced by this tool is very hot when compared with the other compressors.

No matter what type you may select, there are certain things that should be kept in mind for their maintenance. After using the compressors for a certain period of time, it might need an air dryer. If you experience any of the problems mentioned below, look for a dryer :

1. Water vapour comes out of the tool exhaust

2. Pipe lines starts corroding

3. Paint sprayer develops water spots in the paint

There are many types to suit all needs and budget constraints. Finding a reliable agent will only making the selection process more affordable and less time consuming.

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