Getting Old Can Be a Pain in the Back

I was on vacation last week and I was driving through a town with a lot of retirees.  It was slow going to say the least.  One of the things that struck me most was I got stuck at stop lights for quite a while because of the people crossing the road in walkers.  It took them so long to cross the road that the light actually changed to red about half way through their crossing so people going through the light had to wait for them and traffic got backed up.  There were a few people that would get impatient and honk at them, as if they could just pick up their walkers and sprint out of the way!

It didn’t bother me at all.  I was on vacation after all.  The thing that got to me was the fact that these poor elderly people were in obvious pain.  Most were hunched over as if their back were about to give out and they walked very slowly and carefully.  It made me think of my own back.  I’m relatively young, but I get back pain quite a bit and then bounce back.  I assume as I get older it’s going to get harder and harder to bounce back.  I go to a great Chandler chiropractor, but only once in a while when I’m really hurting.  Seeing those poor folks just trying to make it across a street has made me realize I need to get in and actually get things fixed now so I don’t end up like them!  Feel free to check out my chiropractor at

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