Chiropractic for Mid Back Pain

This afternoon I started to get a head after sitting at my computer for over 5 hours that morning. Not only was my head hurting but I had a nagging pain in my neck and it felt like a vice was pinching my spine between my shoulder blades. Around 4 I decided I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and went into my boss’s office to ask if I could leave early.  He took one look at me and told me to go see his chiropractor in south Chandler. When I walked in the receptionist had everything set up for me and within 10 minutes I was back to see the doctor.

The chiropractor performed an exam and asked me ton of questions. I told him that I sit at a desk for several hours a day. He told me my symptoms are common with someone who sits at a computer for a living. He told me that when I sit for long periods my posture turn from being tall and upright to sloppy and slouched over. This causes increased compression on my neck and mid back spine, increased tension in my mid back and upper neck muscles. All of this combine can be a factor that causes headaches. After being adjusted and stretched I felt like a new man, my headaches were gone and I felt taller.  Feel free to contact ApexMedicalAZ for more information.

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