How to Reduce Stress

We have all probably been in this situation once and more than likely twice in our lives, we have a million things going on at work and home and suddenly a friend asks us a favor. The stress that was already teetering around the full marker has now spilled over into the “going mad” zone.  Stress brings about a barrage of negative reactions in the body. Research has shown that stress can lead to physiological responses that are associated with heart disease.  During stressful situations the body releases hormones that increases the heart beat and increases blood pressure. If the body experiences these types of conditions often and long enough it starts to cause damage to the arteries and heart. Not only does stress effect the heart it can cause disrupted sleep, increase aches and pains and even increase anxiety. 

If you continue to pile on the stress and never release it your body will eventually shut down to survive. Here are some simple suggestions on how to decrease your daily stress. First deep breathing can be a simple but very powerful tool for those stressful times. Second get your body moving, exercise has shown to help reduce stress and can be a way to channel all that stress into something positive. Finally, and this is sometimes the hardest, learn the word “NO”. Being able to say no to extra responsibilities that contribute to an overscheduled calendar can eliminate any future stress lurking in the shadows.  Feel free to ask your local Chandler chiropractic office for more information on the subject.

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