How to Avoid Running Injuries

Running can be a very beneficial exercise that allows you to set goals and increasing your running ability can be exhilarating. However, it can also be disappointing if injury strikes. Unfortunately running injuries are not rare and are one hurdle you must factor into your goal setting as you start to run more miles and more frequently. Some common running injuries include runner’s knee, IT band issues, plantar fasciitis and shin splints. All these injuries are usually caused by over-training or repetitive training. Seeing a chiropractor to be evaluated when you start running can help to prevent or stay ahead of the common injuries associated with running. Here are some other tips to be proactive when beginning a running routine.

First you want a good pair of running shoes. Name brand is honestly a very small step in picking out the right shoe. First you need to be evaluated by a chiropractor or see a foot specialist so they can watch you run and help you to determine the right shoe. Next avoid adding to much too early into your running routine. Most runners injury themselves because they try to do too much in a small time frame, as much as I wished you can learn or improve on everything overnight your body needs time to adapt. Finally make sure to incorporate rest days into your training. Your body needs time to recover, so without rest days you are going to grind your body into the ground and cause more issues.  To find out more about this subject, consult your local Chandler chiropractic office.

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