Wear and Tear on the Spine

My dad has had a bad back for as long as I can remember.  He’s always had to take it easy with activity or wear a back brace to do anything active.  And if he did anything too stressful, he’d have to relax and recover for a few days after it and load up on pain medications like ibuprofen or aspirin.  As much as he complained and griped about his bad back, he never did anything about it.  I’m guessing because he came from a “just rub some dirt on it” generation where you just live with the pain.

Not too long ago I convinced him to go to my Chandler chiropractor and get checked out.  The doctor took some x-rays and showed him he had degeneration in his lower spine.  He called it osteo-arthritis and said it’s usually due to wear and tear on the joints and usually gets worse with time if it’s not taken care of.  In my dad’s case, we figure it was from being a roofer most of his life which was tough on his back.  I think if he wasn’t so stubborn and went to see a chiropractor sooner, it probably wouldn’t be nearly as bad as it is now.  After a few visits to my chiropractor Chandler AZ, he’s feeling quite a bit better!

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