What Can You Do For Those Aches and Pains

I had a patient come in to my office the other day with severe low back pain and neck pain that had plagued him for years.  When I sat down with him to discuss what was causing this low back and neck pain he told me how he had multiple injuries when he was in his 20’s and 30’s. He told me that he had been in a couple roll-over car accidents and that he worked as an electrician, which meant he was bending, twisting, contorting his body is awkward positions and lifting heavy objects for 8 hours a day. Therefore, he concluded that his body had been through the “ringer”. He also had an MRI on his low back and it showed that he had two bulging discs. After listening to his description of what caused his pain I asked him if he had ever done anything through the last 10-20 years to help treat his symptoms.

 He told me that he had tried physical therapy, chiropractic and medicine but nothing seemed to work. I told him that even though he thought nothing helped I showed him that while he was treating his symptoms he was still stressing his body on a regular basis with his work duties and his at home activities. His body was trying to tell him that it needed some TLC. I gave him a maintenance schedule for chiropractic care, at home exercises and a dietary program to follow. I told him if he stuck with this program then his aches and pains should be reduced but that it would take work.  To find out more about this subject, contact your Chandler chiropractic clinic for information.

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