Do You Think I Need A Loan Shark?

I am in desperate need of some funds to complete a project that I have pending and my savings don’t appear to be sufficient enough to enable me to complete this project which has really been pending for a while now. I have been suggested to take out some loan and get the project completed as soon as possible so it becomes a thing of the past and I could then focus upon better things for the future however I am not sure whether I should be going for a loan as it may end up costing me a lot more to repay.

Do you think I need a loan shark? I am hesitating to approach financial Institutions and asking them for a loan however if that is the only way that I could proceed further and get my projects completed then I think I might as well consider going for a loan shark. I have referred to a number of websites in an effort to look for an appropriate solution to have my projects completed but there does not appear to be any way that I could be getting some free money which I could pay off later. I would have also preferred an interest free loan but that also does not appear to be remotely possible so if anyone has a better idea then I would appreciate hearing from them.

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