Why We’re Developing Text Neck

Do you suffer from text neck? I’m seeing more and more people that enter my office complaining of the same symptoms. It usually starts off with an annoying ache or stiffness between the shoulder blades, sneaks up the neck and lands either at the base of the skull or sits right behind the eyes and temples. I call it “text neck” or tension headaches and neck pain.  This is so common that most of the patients that are complaining of these aches and pains are mid-20s to mid-30s individuals. I am even beginning to see a trend of teenagers suffering from this “text neck” issue. 

So what exactly is “text neck”? Well lets first look at the spine. When you look at your spine form a side view it should look like a stretched out ‘S’ and each segments has a specific curve. The neck (cervical) and low back (lumbar) area have a lordotic curve and the mid back (thoracic) has a kyphotic curve. These curves make your spine like a spring and help to distribute weight evenly through out your body when doing daily activities. However, if you constantly stress or reverse the curves of the spine then you can cause increased amounts of stress that can lead to early age onset of arthritis and degenerative changes. Constantly looking down at your phone reveres the neck curve and is the prime contributor of the pain known as “text neck”.  You can go see you chiropractor Chandler AZ for more information.

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