Printer Cartridges Types And Their Features

One of the most common and useful equipment used in a job includes the printers. Aside from offices, it is used in colleges, shelters, laboratories and health centers. Printers require printer cartridges or ink cartridges to function. The inkjet cartridges are usually used for short scale printing since large-scale publication requires toner cartridges. These days, Cartridge sales  have increased in the market due to their affordability and features.

Printer Cartridges– The Different Types

It is among the most prominent and crucial stationery items required in an office. 

There are primarily three types of it which are as follows:

The OEM cartridges: One of the most authentic and reliable printer cartridges includes Original Equipment Manufacturer. These cartridges are manufactured by some of the leading manufacturers such as Canon, Xerox, Dell, HP and so forth. However, these cartridges are quite expensive but deliver quality print-outs.

The remanufactured cartridges: These cartridges are basically used cartridges which have been paid to the suppliers for the refill. However, the remanufactured cartridges also provide quality print-outs. These cartridges are eco-friendly and so it is widely used in many places. 

The compatible cartridges: It is quite cheap compared to the OEM printer cartridges. Moreover, it is less expensive and can be used for large scale printing in offices.

Types Of Ink Used In Cartridges

The dye-based ink: This particular variety of ink produces dense color compared to the pigment-based ink. However, it tends produce quality less print-outs as the ink soaks into the paper. 

The pigment-based ink: The pigment-based ink is also available in different colors, brightness, saturation and hue which make it a desirable product.

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