Why Do LED Downlights Flicker?

There would be several issues that you may face when trying out LED downlights for the first time and one of the popular concerns that you will find people showing is that of their LED lights flickering. There could be many reasons behind why LED downlights would flicker, however the main issues usually tend to be with their built in transformers.

You are more likely to have them flicker if you get a new usually incompatible transformer to replace your existing one with. This could be due to voltage issues or simply the transformer itself. What this means is that there should not be flickering issues in normal and well performing LED lighting.

The other thing that you may want to check when LED downlights seem to have flickering issues is the dimmer that you use with them. It would depend upon your installation as not all LED downlight installations would have dimmers in which case the most likely issue would be with the transformer as advised before.

To prevent issues, it is always best to read reviews about a variety of LED downlights available in the market as some brands tend to be better than others in terms of offering you efficient lighting without these types of issues.

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