Why Are Concussions Such a Hot Topic?

Concussions have become a hot topic in such sports as American football, soccer, rugby and boxing. With new knowledge and diagnostic tools and procedures the course of care for treating concussion patients has changed dramatically over the years. “Getting your bell-rung” was once thought of a right of passage in contact sports such as American football and rugby. Athletes were told to sit out a couple of plays and to re-enter the game after they, or more than likely their coach, felt they were ready to proceed. After years of study and observing hundreds of thousands of athletes we have found that concussions can cause more damage if not treated properly.  

The first steps in properly treating a concussed patient are first being able to identify those that are suffering from the injury. If you see an athlete get hit either in the head or see their body whip their head around the best bet is to test them for such symptoms. If you are seeing an athlete without actually seeing the cause then here are some signs and symptoms to look for. Physical signs include but are not limited to; headache, nausea,  fuzzy or blurred vision, balance problems, dizziness or constant feeling of tiredness and low energy. Emotional signs include; irritable, sadness, more emotional or nervousness and anxiety. Individuals that have a concussion will have trouble thinking clearly, sleeping, difficulty remembering things and trouble concentrating.  You can find out more about this subject by going to ApexMedicalAZ

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