Importance of a Morning Stretch Routine

Have you ever rolled out of bed and felt so stiff and achy that it took a couple of minutes to get your baring’s? If you have ever had a neck or low back injury then you know that getting out of bed can be challenging at times. This is because the joints and muscles have been stagnant for 6-8 hours and the increased stiffness may cause pain or an aching feeling.  For most people once they start to move around the achiness disappears and they can truly begin their morning. This is why I suggest to all my patients here at Apex Medical Group that a good morning stretch routine is imperative to starting the day off right.

Stretching your lower legs, low back and neck first thing in the morning will help to ease the stiffness and prepare you for the day. So what are some of the benefits of stretching in the morning? Many people, especially those who sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time, develop poor posture as a result of overstretched back muscles and tight chest muscles. Implementing a morning routine of stretches that focus on opening the muscles can be effective for loosening them up. As these muscles become more flexible, changes in stance and posture will become evident.   You can learn more about this subject at

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