Staying Healthy as a Runner

There is something about going out for a run that helps me to clear my mind and put everything in perspective. When I started running 8 years ago I had several friends that would talk about the runner’s high they would get. I never really believed in that but after putting running into my daily workout routine I finally understand that runner’s high. While running has brought me much pleasure it has also come along with some injuries. I have had injuries ranging from shin splints, sprained toes, sprained ankles, IT band irritation, hamstring pulls and low back pain. While you may be saying to yourself why would I continue something that seems to be injuring my body, I would tell you that the injuries are just a fraction of all the positive gains I have received by running.

Now one of the most important ways I keep myself healthy or recovering from injuries so that I can continue to run is chiropractic care. My chiropractor at Apex Medical Group has helped me to be able to compete at the top for a race and has helped me get through injuries after a long training weekend. My chiropractor has kept my hips and low back in alignment and my knees and ankles from completely falling apart. I couldn’t continue to run without my weekly adjustments.  You can ask your local Chandler chiropractic clinic for more information.

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