Kawasan Falls and Pescador Island Hopping

The Queen city of the South or the province of Cebu is very well known to have the best land and water formations there is and up until now, places remained natural and untouched the way it appeared before. Numerous of tourists have been coming in the area the numbers remained consistent time after time. Cebu is surrounded by beautiful fish sanctuaries which locals of the area have been safe-guarding their remaining treasure or their municipality’s pride. Other than Cebu’s rich history, foreign and non-local tourists are in to a more adventurous tour since tourist spots currently are incorporated with relevant activities depending on the area.

Because of such increase and demand of the places by tourists, Pescador and Kawasan falls or bundle are offered or made available to them (tourists) for their convenience. It is a complete itinerary wherein their stay, transportation, things to do and safety are already taken care of. It is a hassle free process since every tourist’s activity and destination will be maximized thus time wasted is unlikely to happen. They will get to enjoy all the things that they want to do and somehow every expectations that they are supposing will be met. An activity and a day’s tour well taken care of.

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