If you believe Your Home is Secure Because Your Doors Are Locked, Think Again

When you lock your doors before turning out the lights and heading to bed, you feel you’ve done your part to keep your family safe for another night. But if you truly believe that, it’s important you understand that unless you have bump proof locks, you are not really secure.

Using a technique called lock screen, anyone who knows how to utilize Google may pick your lock within 60 seconds.

The act of lock bumping may sound new to you but rest assured that criminals have already been aware of this practice for decades. A bulge Door key(Also known as “กุญแจประตู” in Thai language) is a key that is been cut in a certain manner so that if embedded in a pin tumbler lock and also tapped in a given way, the hooks from the lock cylinder have been released as well as the door opens.

The very first US patent for a bump secret appeared in 1928 but surprisingly it wasn’t until around 2002 that the use of a bump key was regarded as a possible security threat.

Today it’s possible to buy bump keys online for a couple of dollars and learning how to make use of one to gain entry into a residence is very straightforward, again, thanks to the Net. An intruder can open your door working with a bump key within a few minutes.

You will find two or three ways you can safeguard yourself from your house currently being entered with a bump key. You can click http://www.modernspec.co.th/มือจับฝัง/559cad8d72e4f22c27dc3ae1 to get more details on Handle Embedded.

Buy a bump proof lock. There are numerous manufacturers today making bump-proof locks. A bump-proof lock process is more costly than a normal lock, however, it’s a significant investment in your home’s safety.

Has your lock bump proofed? Your neighborhood locksmith may convert your normal lock into a bump proof one for a very small sum of capital.

Do not make the mistake of presuming your costly door locks cannot be doors because ironically, the pricier locks are easier to bump. Since they are more accurately machined, locks manufactured from more demanding steel are easier to open with a bulge vital because they’ll scarcely sustain any damage during the process.

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