How Do You Get Your Website Noticed on Google?

You wish to get your website listed in Google. You wish to do search engine optimization on your site to obtain additional traffic. And you’ve tried submitting your site’s URL to Google’s “Submit A URL” feature repeatedly to no avail. And you’re frustrated because after months of waiting your website is still not indexed by Google.

Actually, getting the website listed on Google isn’t difficult in any respect. We’ll tell you exactly what your search engine optimization consultant wouldn’t. It is very simple: all you need to is to set up an XML site map and submit it to Google’s Webmaster Tools. You can also click online websites if you are interested in getting best Seo Services(Also known as “การรับบริการ Seo ที่ดีที่สุด” in Thai language).

If that sounds overly deep for you personally, maybe not to stress. I will not set out the steps you will need to do to ensure will be easy as you can. Firstly, we Will Need to assume the following:

In addition, you have FTP access to a web hosting accounts.

Right, we are all set today. Google for a website with all the search terms “XML site maps”. The first link from the search outcome is the one that you want to click. The site is called “XML Sitemaps Generator”. This site will generate a free sitemap of your internet site for you.

The initial 500 pages will probably soon be at no charge and since most sites fall well in this stipulation, you should be fine. In the event that you have more than 500 pages of articles, then all they ask is a little fee for you going. In this site, all you have to do would be to complete your web site’s URL. Ignore the remaining options there and click the “Start” button. Are you looking for best online business class then you can click

Within a minute or 2, you should really be extended quite a few files to download. Pick the very first recorded file to download. It would be the “Uncompressed XML Sitemap”. Save that document to your computer.


Then, fire up your FTP applications and do an FTP move of this document to your site. It should be hosted at the root directory of your web hosting account. Usually, the root account is “www” or “docs”. If unsure, then please contact your web host. Make sure your XML site map is publicly viewable.



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