Contemporary Home Design in Chinese Homes

Residing in China is an energetic, ultra modern way of life and the interior design in Oriental homes reflects these qualities.

The chic, sleek and contemporary lines of contemporary furniture punctuated with traditional elements coming from wallpaper layouts, soft furnishings, and stunning Oriental paintings create Chinese homes a temple of excellent taste and practical ease. Find more about hotel interior design China via visiting online official websites.

Today sumptuous furnishings contrast radically against conventional Chinese home decorations. In rural regions of China where the mainly poorer families live interior design has yet to contribute towards their quality of living.

But in the urban regions of the massive Chinese cities such as Beijing, modern designs, drawing from conventional culture, are rife from the homes, offices, and resorts all over the city. Common colors used in Oriental decor are bright and black reddish primary colors sprinkled with filaments of gold decorations.

Calligraphy and exotic images or patterns of birds, fish or blossoms are utilized to express the very essence of civilization. Bamboo furniture, wooden blinds, and screens help contrast against paler plain walls and elaborate lacquered furniture as feature pieces in room add to the rich opulence of shade. You can click and find out more information about our residential  Interior Design.

Chinese motifs such as the tiger, monkey and of course paintings feature heavily on carpets, wall hangings, and accessories. It’s not unusual to possess paper planters to your lighting and ceramics with candles burning, filling home with lovely scents and also a soft comforting and relaxing glow. Practical blue and white Chinese pottery is typical of old meets new modern layout and looks fantastic in areas and dining rooms too.



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