McGregors Sparring Partner Knocked Out

This upcoming 26th of August is one of the most anticipated bouts that is going to go down at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. Arena’s McGregor vs Mayweather tickets are selling like pancakes and many fans wanted to witness this big fight to happen. This fight as well assumed to be the highest earning fight to be recorded in history.

Their 4-day world conference tour has long been over and has been attracting a lot of fans to watch their fight since they’ve made a very good impression on them that they will be showcasing what they have and promised them that they will get their money’s worth.

With the fight on the line and waiting for it to happen, all their eyes are on the underdog McGregor. McGregor’s team and himself are confident that there will be a very big upset on Mayweather’s side. McGregor trained to make his physique ready to face Mayweather’s tactic. And he had been very diligent with his training and sparring sessions as well.

There had been photos and news that McGregor had knocked out his sparring partner and Joe Cortez wherein he was the referee of their sparring session rushed to the aid to stop McGregor not to add more damage to his sparring partner.

In line with such claim and rotating photos about his sparring being knocked out, he has a habit as well of sharing his training videos and photos hoping to make an impact on Mayweather’s team. Although McGregor have been doubted by so many people about his crossover in the boxing industry this doesn’t stop him that with hard work and dedication, he will definitely be the first person to defeat Mayweather with his perfect professional record of 49 wins with no losses. Moreover, right now, his main focus is to avoid getting injured or overworked during the remaining of the days prior to their fight.

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