Floyd Mayweather proposes he’ll make more than $300 million for Conor McGregor battle

Floyd Mayweather could be in for the best single-battle payday of his profession against Conor McGregor on Aug. 26. That's, obviously, if the projections of his battle handbag are to be accepted. 

In a scrap of Friday's second scene of Showtime's "All Access" arrangement for Mayweather versus McGregor, "Cash" recommends he'll make upwards of $300 million for the session, which happens at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas for a top notch pay-per-see cost of $99.95 in North America. 

"I can do it in 36 minutes — $300 million or better in 36 minutes," Mayweather said in the clasp acquired by TMZ. "We're simply being genuine. Like I said some time recently, I'm not harming. I'm a long way from harming." 

As per Mayweather guide Leonard Ellerbe, the undefeated boxer will outperform $1 billion in vocation profit when he imparts the ring to McGregor. There have been proposals Mayweather just brought the battle with McGregor because of his extremely open money related circumstance with the IRS, however he made it clear he's not battling monetarily. 

"I can't state what the UFC is paying (McGregor), however consistently I make millions," Mayweather said. "They discuss it; I be about it. I truly got it. You're all not going to make this in a lifetime." 

Watch the introduction scene of the Mayweather versus McGregor "All Access" arrangement here. 

"We are set up to pulverize Floyd. Pick whatever size gloves you need too little man," McGregor composed on Instagram. "I battle with 4oz. I don't give a f… about the measure of the glove. I am coming run at you with blocks. Realize that. Fragile hands." 

As per the authority MMA Fighting site the Nevada Athletic Commission official chief Bob Bennett said the two warriors would need to display their case at the commission's next meeting on August 16, on the off chance that they need to utilize eight ounce gloves.

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