Different Types of Gate Valves

Gate Valves commonly used valves to open and close the path of a fluid from straight line mediums. It may find applications in a number of areas. For example, these valves can be used for the purpose of irrigation and also in various chemical plants to control the flow of different types of fluids.

There are a number of ways to classify it. In actuality, these valves exist in a variety of designs to offer suitable functionality for different applications.

Each type of it’s popular for its acceptance in various fields. As a valve dealer, you must provide different types of it to the clients. The following discussion will help you learn about the most popular types in detail.

Gate Valves in Different Materials

There are lots of popular substances which are used for producing it. Those made of bronze and brass are among the popular varieties. Various kinds of iron, such as cast iron and ductile iron, also are used for it manufacturing. You can check here for more info about Stainless steel gate valve.




Among the different varieties of steel, stainless steel, forged steel, cast carbon steel and alloy steel would be the quality materials for durable gate valves. Finally, there are valves made of gun metal which you can obtain from different manufacturers. Go Here for more info about Stainless steel.

The most important way to classify it’s on the basis of the behavior of the stem attached to those valves. A rising stem gate valve is one in which the stem rises when the valve is rotated to open. By way of instance, rising stem valves aren’t acceptable for underground operations. Nonrising stem valves are used in these situations.

Wedge valves can be categorized into single gate type, dual gate type, and elastic gate type. Parallel gate valves also can be classified into single and double plate types.

Another sort of this consists of those which regulate the flow of fluid. However, it’s rarely used for the regulation purposes due to the fear of harm. You have to guide your clients about the security and upkeep of it to exhibit your expertise in these products.

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