Preventive Maintenance For Screw air pump

Hydraulic pump works on principle of converting the mechanical energy and motion into hydraulic fluid power. These are capable of rotating and acting just like a motor.

These are usually powered by gas or electricity and also air and hand driven can also be found or utilized. From the fluid power

From the fluid power industry there are 3 major types of these machines utilized, which are essentially the specifically vane, gear, and piston pumps.

The major differences between the hydrostatic are that these are positive displacement models while hydrodynamic are typically fixed of variable displacements.

Gear: This type comes with a fixed displacement and outside teeth and is suitable for pressures under 3000psi. These are easy to operate, come cheap and are durable.

The major cons of a equipment version is that it’s a limited pressure capability, unbalanced results in big bearing loads, can be noisy and since it’s working at a constant displacement, their work is not as efficient. Visit here for info about Screw air pump






Vane: This type is largely driven by an external engine which rotates at a continuous speed. Similar amount of fluid is pumped with each rotation, which is no matter how much pressure there is in the system. Its major advantages are reliability and easy operation. For more additional info about angle seat valve check out online websites.

One will certainly find an option of variable displacement and this kind has a higher pressure capability when compared with the equipment type, as it operates in pressures up to 180 bars. Expensive and more complex are the two major disadvantage of this particular type.

Axial Piston: This specific type contains pistons which are arranged in a circular array within a cylinder block, which serves as its own housing. It’s a variable design and contains the greatest volumetric efficiency and pressure capacity.

  • These are the two prime benefits of the type. It is more sensitive to petroleum contamination and is expensive; these are few inconveniences you will encounter with this particular model.


  • The significant advantages of these are highly dependable, works efficiently and are able to create minimal level of noise. This type operates through anxieties around 650 bars. Its larger radial dimensions and higher price are few drawbacks of this type.

Buying Guide:

Before selecting any type of hydraulic pump, it is essential to consider few very necessary factors like operating pressure, temperature and its frequency.

There are more affordable, low-pressure models which are will certainly provide satisfactory solutions to a number of applications that need minimal pressures (less than 200 psi). This type should not be considered for heavy industrial operations.

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