Ideas For Healthy Pack Lunches For Kids

Schools are starting back up soon, which means that you are probably looking for ways to make your kids lunch a tad bit interesting! The important thing to remember is that while crisps and chocolate may be their favorite snacks, they won’t keep them full or give them the energy they need to get through the school day. The idea is to make their lunch interesting yet healthy, adding foods that look pleasing to the eye are more likely to get eaten! Keep reading for some healthy pack lunch ideas.

Courtesy: Redbook

1. Finger foods

Including food that they can pick up and eat with very little fuss is a good idea. Carrot sticks, pieces of cheese, nuts and homemade chicken nuggets are just a few of the things that your kid will love. See what kind of produce your store with its vegetable delivery in Sydney service sells. The idea is to add something that he can munch on while talking to his friends.

2. A main

Packing finger food is a great idea but you’ll need to pair it with something substantial. Once again, make sure it’s easy to eat so nothing greasy. Avoid over stuffing the pita bread! You could try a burger. You can pack the meat patty with minuscule bits of vegetables; if they can’t see it they won’t know to pick it out!

3. Something sweet

At the end of lunch, or at the start, they’ll love something sweet. Cutting up fruit, giving them a small blueberry tart or adding a small yoghurt pot are just a few ways to brighten up your kids day and make certain that they have a nutritious meal.

Try to give them something that they actually like to eat! It’ll make it into their stomachs that much faster.

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