Choosing The Right Glassware For Your Wedding


Choosing the right glassware for your wedding day is just one of the many things that cannot be surpassed. To make a good impression on your guests and to ensure that the event is perfect, here are some handpicked tips and tricks to help you save time.

  • The material

While glassware is made from glass (obviously), you need to ensure that you cater to all the different age groups present at the wedding. To do so, there are two ways to go about it. Some acrylic tumblers can be added to the list of glassware, placed closer to the children’s tables and the elderly tables, or, you can opt for more durable glassware Sydney brands have to offer.

  • Considering the usage

Do not just add wine glasses to the glassware, if wine is not being served. Choose glassware depending on what sort of drinks will be served on the event. Some couples prefer beers, and thus may opt for beer glasses, while others may opt for cocktails, thus making cocktail glasses more appropriate. Make sure you choose what to serve before choosing the glassware and dinnerware.

  • Considering the functionality

While the glassware may look perfect in the store, it is a good idea to ask for a pitcher of jug to test it for its functionality, and to make sure you make the perfect choice, that serves its purpose. Some glasses may not be able to support the weight when filled to the rim, or may cause drinks to spill while drinking.

Make sure you follow these tips to make the right choice, and to ensure you wedding is perfect.

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