Science Based Six Pack Gives Men Three Free Supplements In The BioHack Box

Science Based Six Pack has recently been released by Thomas DeLauer. The program uses a combination of intermittent fasting and exercise to help men lose belly fat and increase the definition of their abdominal muscles.

If you sign up for the program, you can save $200 off the normal price of $297. The official company website states that this special price is for a limited time time only. Men who join early will be able to get the Science Based Six Pack system that teaches how to get a more attractive stomach and abdominal area for just $97.

Included in this discount package for Science Based Six Pack is a BioHack box which has three free supplemental vitamins that are known for aiding men in their quest for perfect abs. The first supplement is "Men's Elite Krill Oil". This supplement is known for being a rich supply of Omega-3. Before now, Omega 3 was only found in fish oil, but no one can eat the amount of fish needed to get their daily supply of Omega 3. However, there is a new, safer way to get the Omega 3 your body needs and that is with Men's Elite Krill Oil. It's also an excellent source of DHA and EPA fatty acids which the body does not create on it's own, however, it is much needed for a healthy heart and brain.

Another Science Based Six Pack supplement included in the "BioHack Box" is Alpha Armor. This supplement has the same effects as a multivitamin, yet it also has an added benefit in which supplies the body with antioxidants needed for protection during strenuous exercise as well as the normal aging process.

Alpha Armor is unlike the average multivitamin, however, is gives the body the same type of support. This vitamin allows your body to have the antioxidants it needs now as well as assisting your body as it gradually enters the senior years during the normal aging process.

The third supplement in your "BioHack Box" is Alpha Meal. This purely 100% grass-fed whey protein supplement is perfect for that "post-workout shake", or breakfast smoothie needed to boost your protein levels throughout the day. It's needed to supplement the male body in acquiring the perfect level of protein for peak health and physical performance.

As you work towards your goal of getting a lean body, you will also improve your heart health and get quicker results when you take advantage of the limited time discount and bonus supplements included in Science Based Six Pack from

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