How to Lay Electrical Cable Underground?

Most people lay cables underground themselves. While laying underground cables there are so many things to consider. It is not necessary that you have to hire a professional to this kind of project. A little knowledge in the subject can go a long way. Below are some basic steps that are involved in laying electrical cables underground:

Courtesy: ubnt.i.lithium

1. The Trench

Firstly, you need to dig out a deep trench where you can lay cables and wires. The depth of a trench depends on the kind of terrain you are living in. In some areas the trench needs to be very deep while not in others. This way you can protect yourself from any electrical hazards.

2. Laying the Cable

After digging the right size of the trench you need to install the cable. Before doing this run the cable through a PVC channel. After placing the cable in trench, get it checked from a professional. To follow the electrical codes you need to get it inspected at three intervals. You also need to install a warning tape when you are finished. Also use the right cable laying equipment so that you do not get injured in the process.

3. Finishing up the project

When you have laid the cable cover it up properly with soil. After this process another inspection from a professional is required. Authorities want to look at the wiring before you complete everything. After the second inspection you can finish. Then they conduct the third inspection to confirm that everything is right according to the rules.

These steps ensure that cable is laid in the right way. 

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