DISC Accreditation Training- A Mirror to Know Who You Are

Human behavior is naturally complex and you may say it is unpredictable. But we beg to differ. Human behavior is predictable when you understand a person. When you study and analyze a person you definitely know what his action or reaction would be. In the same way, when you know yourself better you are in a position to understand what your next outcome will be.


DISC Assessment and Accreditation- Out of the numerous human behavior study tools, the DISC Assessment tool is the most widely used and accepted study tool. This tool has been used by many professionals to understand their work environment better so that they are able to grow and succeed.

The four personality traits based on DISC Assessment:

The DISC personality test uses four basic personality traits of human behavior. They are:

D- Dominant

I – Influence

S- Steadiness

C- Compliant

After the grouping of each person into one of the four groups, the assessment is done which helps to know their strengths, weaknesses, values and fears.

The advantages of self-assessment through the DISC Accreditation training are:

  1. A person can work on his strengths to get positive results.
  2. He gets to know his weaknesses. He can try to work on overcoming those negative traits.
  3. He knows how he can add value to the team in his job.
  4. He can work on overcoming his fears and turning it into strengths.

Take the course on DISC Accreditation in Sydney and get to know a better you.

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