Top Zip Lines In Thailand

Thailand is full of adventures and stunning beaches with the most scenic views, with fun activities and entertainment for its visitors. It is an all-rounder in terms of beauty, nature, history as well as adventures and extreme sports.

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Hellfire pass tours allow you to enjoy the flora and fauna at this picturesque place with fascinating wildestadventures, where one is not only confined to the grounds, but also up in the air in between or above the glorious tropical jungles. There are numerous options, one of them being the zip line adventures. Top zip lines which guarantee your adrenaline pumping in Thailand include:

1. Chiang Mai Rainforest canopy zip line adventure- Flight of the Gibbon:

The Flight of the Gibbon is truly fascinating zip line experience near Chonburi. Founded in 2007, it is the only Zip line which includes wild gibbons. It stretches for about 2.2 km with 31 platforms, some of which are suspended very high up above the valley floor. It also includes a waterfall and 3 suspended sky bridges which look remarkably thrilling and tempting for adventure seekers, within the 2.5 hours of zip lining. It is the longest and one of the best thrill-seeking zip lines in Asia.

2. Hanuman World zip line adventure in Phuket:

The Hanuman World zip line adventure allows you to enjoy the breathtaking aerial view of the forests in Thailand, from almost about 130 feet high.  You can enjoy the sky bridges lined up along the course, with lush green scenery and sky-high trees. It is a 3-hour zip line which promises a truly fun filled, mesmerizing experience amongst the rappel lines and spiral staircases. The platforms have been cautiously put up high in the treetops which allows you to enjoy the scenery in a protected and secure environment.

These are two of the top zip lines in Thailand. 

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