5 Pro Tips for Your First Time Skydiving Experience

Who doesn’t want to jump off of a helicopter right in the middle of the sky? We know we do, but before we head out for our first skydiving experience, these are the 5 tips that can make your experience far better.

Courtesy-sky dive perris

  • You need to be ready mentally

Some people think they won’t be able to skydive but when they do they love it. Before heading to the helicopter, it is better that you prepare yourself for the fall. Usually what freaks most of the people is the fear of the unknown. Make sure you are calm and believe that the experience can be amazing. Borneo Sandakan tours are great for first time sky divers.

  • Wear the sky diving gear appropriately

Dressing up according to the sky diving specifications is quite easy. Start from the bottom; wear shoes that snug your feet tightly. Ill fitted shoes won’t make the cut for sky diving. The heavy wind pressure sweeps them off your feet in a second. For pants, wear something similar to the tights or shorts you wear when working out. For tops, wear a shirt that is fitted without embellishments.

  • Eat like a Champion

Eat normally; don’t show up on an empty or full stomach. Eat carefully and well before the dive. Make sure to have a granola bar in your pocket to keep your blood sugar normal.

  • Make the most out of it

Your first-time sky diving is truly a milestone, so treat it like one. Make the most out of it, take pictures and celebrate.

  • DO IT

Don’t wait, just do it already. We can guarantee that this can be an amazing experience that you remember for a lifetime.

So, if you are sky diving for the first time, you need to keep these 5 tips in mind. 

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