The Most Important Parts Of A Crane Truck By Delta Transport

To simply put it, a crane truck is a truck which is attached to the equipment of a crane in a mobile platform. The operation of a crane based truck requires an operator who is very skilled and also has the knowledge of various parts. This is also because the operator must be able to take care of contingencies and prevent any on the spot accidents. These Crane Truck is an important equipment as they are actively used in various types of Industries. It is also especially true in the construction business, We cannot even imagine to build the high rise buildings without the specialized equipment. In the simple terms, the crane truck is used in three different ways : the balance crane, the jibe crane and the hydraulic crane. In other Industries where even the goods are involved the Moffett Forklifts are used. The basic truck portion is also important and it is what goes behind the crane with the engine capabilities. Here are some of it’s important parts. 


A boom is the most important part of the crane. It is the crane’s arm which lifts the heavy material. It can be operated in many different ways.


The jib is also an essential extension of the crane. The jib is an extension of the crane where the arm can be extended so that the crane can gain a better height and more reach.

Rotex Gear

The rotex gear provides the rotating function to the crane. It helps to make use of power of hydraulic motor so that crane can rotate and function properly.

Crane Cabin ( Operator’s Cab )

It is also the most essential part as far as the human functionality is concerned. The operator fnds the place to control the crane from inside the cabin in this part of the truck.

Counter Weights

The counter weights help to maintain the balance of the crane. It makes for weights to be added so the crane does not lose balance due to excessive wait.

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